The Unplanned Encounter

I heard one of the most fascinating stories about swinging from a friend. He has been interested in swinging for quite some time, and his wife approved, but they don’t feel comfortable enough about swinging yet so they have not really tried anything yet. One night, his wife and he were invited to another friend’s house for a nice dinner. They don’t know that their friends are swinging, so there were really no intentions of attending the invitation with swinging in mind.

After a nice meal, the four of them sat down and chat over wine. During the conversation, swinging came up as a topic and they
continued talking about it for some time. At one point, my friend’s wife explained how they are holding back from actually enjoy swinging
because they are not sure what to expect. To their surprise, thehost’s wife got up and walked towards him, sat nicely close to him,
and started giving him French kisses. If I were in that position, I would think of this as highly inappropriate; I always believe that couples should decide for themselves when they feel ready to try swinging. But in this particular case, my friend’s wife got up and get
close to the male host and started kissing him as well. One thing lead to another, they ended up doing soft swinging that night. The host was
kind enough to offer a room when my friend and his wife felt like engaging a more intimate sex act of their own, but they all decided to
call it a night.

After that night, my friend and his wife has been feeling more comfortable attending swinging parties and trying new things. This
little unplanned encounter is an interesting short story after all; in this case, it works helping a couple take the first step to swinging.